The Blue Ribbon Brigade is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that encourages children who are victims of abuse to overcome their fears by showing them that they are strong and they do not have to be afraid. We accept these children into the Blue Ribbon family and provide both a positive physical presence as well as much-needed emotional support, whenever they need it.  Our goal is to help abused children discover that they are not powerless and that they can overcome any obstacle created by their abusers.

Our mission is the protection, support, and betterment of abused children. We know that when children are empowered, they are able to take back what was stolen from them.  They gain confidence in themselves and those around them, thus allowing them to laugh and play – and once again be a child. Our role is to be a positive force for them as we help ease the fear and anxiety that comes with the process of recovery from abuse.

Our Goal

The only concern of the Blue Ribbon Brigade is the welfare of the abused children with whom we come in contact.  We do not waste a moment of our focus on the perpetrators because there is a justice system in place for them.  We do not promote violence, retribution or “street justice” for the accused. We neither instigate nor confront them; however, if our physical presence is the only deterrent to prevent further abuse or intimidation of a child, we will provide that physical presence – in force, if necessary.

The Blue Ribbon Brigade dedicates countless hours to our mission. Every member of the Blue Ribbon Brigade who has contact with children must undergo a rigorous NCIC background check, and no member is ever paid for his or her services.  100% of the funds we receive go to empowering the children with whom we deal, including professional counseling or treatment if the child’s family is unable to provide these services.

Every member of the Blue Ribbon Brigade is fully committed to helping children and ending abuse.  We stand shoulder to shoulder with these children as together we stare into the face of their deepest fears.  When we do this, the children become empowered to stand against their abusers and end the nightmare.

The Blue Ribbon Brigade stands together with abused children to help conquer their demons and move on with their lives.  We continue our relationship until adulthood by maintaining contact and monitoring their progress.  Our children know that when they are in their darkest hour and experience their greatest need, they have somewhere – and someone – to turn to.  We provide stability in their moments of crisis through comfort in numbers so they can sleep soundly without fear.


Our Oath

We are bikers, protectors, and encouragers; we are the Blue Ribbon Brigade. We will stand beside any abused child, shoulder to shoulder, day or night, to protect the wounded and show them they are strong and able to overcome any obstacle they may face.

We will never leave them empty and alone or fail to answer when they call. We are the children’s keepers, their voice when they can’t speak and their light when darkness comes. We are the shields for the innocent and guardians of the abused.

We will help these children to pick up the broken pieces of their youth and learn to laugh again. We are The Blue Ribbon Brigade, united in the war against child abuse.

As a member, I promise to be there whenever I am needed, allow no harm to come to any child under my watchful eye, sacrifice whatever is necessary to remove their fear and help them to realize their power.

No obstacle will stand in my way, threats and intimidation have no effect on me.

I will answer the call be it day or night, rain or shine, no need is too great, no wall is too strong.

I will smash through any obstacle to break the chains of abuse and free a helpless child.

I will never break a promise or create false hope, I will take care with the words I choose and ensure my every action is for the benefit of a child.

I will not allow ego or self-gratification to distract me from my mission.

My faith and my resolve are strong and I caution any evildoer who tries to test either.

I will not fail and I will never stop, my mission is a part of my heart, it is a part of my soul, I am a soldier of the Blue Ribbon Brigade and this is my oath.

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